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What type of bespoke stationery needs do you have?  Are you looking for Save The Date

cards to pre-warn your potential guests that a big event or party is coming?  Maybe your looking for Invitations to announce the date of your coming Wedding, Birthday Party, Grand Opening, or is it that special card to say Thank

You for attending your ceremony?  Either way, Love & Celebration can help you with your wants and needs.


When you contact us, we will discuss the style of your handmade stationery - traditional, modern, quirky?  The model

type - Bi-fold, gate fold, Pop-up, no-fold, as well as asking the questions about theme, card type, effect, colour, which 

are some of the elements we take into consideration when working with you.


All our items can be themed and colour matched, in a variety of die cut, embossed, 3D styles and if you want bling,

then we can offer you a vast range of embellishments, such as, diamantes, lace, natural sources like wooden gems

and flowers etc.

Maybe you would like to consider Love & Celebrations' range of pre-designed, handmade stationery, which we call our GoldPlatinum and Diamond range. 


In our Gold range, you will find petite, A6 size cards, with simplistic yet exquisite designs and modest, yet effective

use of embellishments. 

Then there is our popular Platinum range, which offers modern, A5 size, no-fold cards, that include die cut themed

shapes and a more generous amount of embellishments, fitting to the design.

As for our luxurious Diamond range, these are our grandiose stationery, which can either be A5 size no-fold, 

traditional Bi-fold cards to A5 size or multi-fold cards to roughly an A5 size , with oyster insert paper for wording.  Designed with intricate detail, die cuts and embellishments to match. 

These ranges can also be purchased within a package, so go to our Package page and check out our deals.


Once we lock in the design, whether it is a bespoke design, devised by you, or a pre-design by us, the next stage to discuss will be the wording.  All our handmade stationery allows you to customise your stationery with your own words, which can be laser printed front, back and/or inside of the card (to your requirements).  The amount

of wording, font, font size and colour, will all be discussed prior to going to print (sample).  

Once your sample is approved, the final stage would be quantity, so are you looking for a set

number, for your bespoke piece of stationery, or are you requiring a variety of matching pieces, like a package? 


As mentioned, Love & Celebration, understand the popularity of packages, especially when it comes to weddings and other types of events and functions.  Therefore, we can offer you our Gold, Platinum and Diamond range stationery

in a package.  To find out more on what we have to offer, simple go to our Packages page, or visit us at our ETSY shop by simply clicking the link

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