Love & Celebration, understand the popularity of packages for their convenience and value for money, especially

when it comes to weddings and other types of events and functions.  Therefore, we have put together our pre-designed, handmade stationery, to offer you our Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.

Within our Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages, you will find;

  • Invitations

  • Thank You cards

  • Save The Date cards


Our petite Gold range, includes, A6 size, no-fold Invitations, Thank You cards and Save The Date Cards.

Our popular Platinum range, includes, A5 size, no-fold Invitations, Thank You cards and Save The Date Cards.

Our luxury Diamond range, includes, A5 size, no-fold, traditional A4 bi-fold to A5 size or multi-fold cards to roughly

an A5 size with oyster insert paper for wording.  As well as A5 size no-fold, Thank You cards and Save The Date Cards.

Each package comes in a pack of 25, 50 and 100.  Therefore, if you wish to order a Pack of 25, you will get

x25 Invitations,  x25 Thank You cards and x25 Save The Date cards, totalling 75 pieces of stationery.  If you order

the Pack of 50, you will get 50 of everything, totalling 150 pieces of stationery.  and the same for a Pack of 100,

means 100 of everything, thereby totalling 300 pieces of stationery.  Any other packs required, can be negotiated.

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